Rebar cutting machines MADE in ITALY

    Rebar cutting 2036 2040 2050 2055

FS2036, FS2040, FS2050, FS2055 - Rebar cutting machines Standard models

Rebar cutting machines to process reinforcement steel bar at building construction sites.
Capacity to cut rebar 65 Kg/mm2 (650 N/mm2) up to diam. 46mm

    Rebar cutting 2043

FS033E, FS2037E, FS2043E, FS2053E, FS2057E, FS2077E - Rebar cutting machines new Series

Rebar cutting machines to cut reinforcement steel bar with cast iron frame.
Capacity to cut rebar 65 Kg/mm2 (650 N/mm2) up to diam. 64mm






Rebar machines for cutting reinforcement steel bars MADE IN ITALY

Rebar cutting machines by FEAL SEAM designed to process rebar for building construction sites.

High performant and reliable products, they are easy to use and with easy maintenance.

Rebar cutting machines are provided with magneto-thermal switch for overload motor protection, and electric motor with gears and pinions in hardened steel working in oil bath.

All rebar cutting machines are equipment with a set of wheels for the machine handling.

STANDARD series FS2036, FS2040, FS2050, FS2055 have ONE YEAR WARRANTY

New series "E" FS2033E, FS2037E, FS2043E, FS2053E, FS2057E, FS2077E have cast iron frame and have TWO YEARS WARRANTY




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